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After years of constant use, every Arizona pool deck (often referred to as cool deck, kool deck, decorative concrete, concrete overlays and concrete coatings) is going to need to be rejuvenated. In order to produce the exceptional results our customers come to expect, Pool Deck Dr. utilizes the best products and techniques available. Whether you have some kind of an existing cool deck, or simply dull and dingy gray concrete, Pool Deck Dr. will enhance and beautify your current surface.


We begin our process by carefully analyzing your existing surface to determine what product was originally used and what the proper preparation, products and procedures will need to be followed in order to ensure maximum adhesion of the new cool deck surface. When we start our work, we tape off all edges and mask off the area with paper. This includes covering up your pool (if applicable) with plastic sheeting to ensure that debris does not fall into the pool.


Once the areas are taped and masked off, we will begin prepping the concrete. The type of prep work we do will depend on if we are doing a repair, re coating, resurfacing or new application of the cool deck. If there are surface cracks present, we will open up those existing cracks and treat them with a special epoxy in an effort to prevent future cracking. If there is existing damage to your concrete, we will conduct the necessary repairs to that concrete in preparation for the new cool deck surface.


Depending on the condition of your existing cool deck, we may or may not need to grind down the existing layers to the bare concrete prior to the application of a new scratch coat. If your existing cool deck is in good shape, we will only need to etch, or scuff, the cool deck and there will be no need for the application of a new scratch coat.


If a new scratch coat is required and installed, we will apply a new textured top coat (often referred to as lace or textured lace) on top of the new scratch coat using a hopper gun. This new textured top coat will be knocked down and smoothed out using trowels in preparation for the final acrylic top coat layer. The new acrylic top coat layer will add both the color and sealer to the now completed cool deck system. In the end you will be left with a rejuvenated pool deck that will look brand new and last for years to come!


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