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How long does the process take?

Depending on whether we are doing a repair, recoat, resurfacing or new application with the cool deck material, the average job will take anywhere from 1-3 days to complete. Of course larger projects will require more time.


Does my pool have to be drained for you to do your work?

No, our work does not require you to drain your pool. When we arrive we will lower your water approximately 3-4” so that we are able to tape a plastic sheet across your pool. This plastic sheet will catch any debris and prevent it from falling into your pool.


When can I walk on the new cool deck surface?

When you can walk on the new acrylic surface will depend on whether we do a repair, recoat, resurfacing or new application. If we only do a recoat, you can walk on your new acrylic surface after 48 hours. If we are doing a repair or resurfacing, we recommend waiting at least 7-10 days before heavy foot traffic, placing any furniture, barbeques, tools or any other heavy objects on the new acrylic surface. If we are doing a new application on freshly poured concrete, we recommend waiting 28 days for the concrete to fully cure before installing the new cool decking.


Can the new cool deck surface get wet?

We recommend waiting at least 7 days before getting your new cool deck surface wet. Constant water on your new cool deck, such as water from sprinklers or irrigation lines, should be avoided at all times.


How long will my new cool deck surface last?

The number of years your newly installed cool deck surface will last without needing to be recoated will depend on use and abuse. If properly maintained and cared for, your cool deck surface should last you a minimum of 10 years.


Do I need to wait for a special time of year for the cool deck surface to be installed?

No, all of the cool deck systems we install can be installed at any time of the year.


What kind of warranty do you provide for the new cool deck surface you apply?

Pool Deck Dr. grants the original owner a (2) two year non-transferable warranty on the newly installed cool deck surface. We will warrant the new cool deck surface for any kind of bonding failure such as chipping, flaking and peeling.


Do you guarantee your work against future cracking?

In our industry we like to use the expression “ice cream melts and concrete cracks”. Due to the extreme temperature variances we have here in Arizona, it is impossible to guarantee that your newly installed cool deck surface won’t crack in the future. What we can guarantee is that our field technicians will use the best products and techniques available to help prevent and minimize any kind of future cracking.


What kind of maintenance is required for my new cool deck surface?

Wipe up food, drink spillage, oils, pool chemicals or fertilizer immediately to avoid potential staining. Elevate pots to prevent stain rings and avoid puddling or standing water to sit on the new cool deck surface for long periods of time. Occasionally hose off the cool deck surface to prevent dirt stains.


How do I pay for the work completed?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. We will collect a 50% deposit at time of contract signing and then the 50% balance upon project completion.